Dear Mr. Trudeau

First of all I want to congratulate you for the glorious win in the recent election. I have every confidence that you will prove to be a very successful prime minister.

Mr. Trudeau I appreciate that you and your people have a huge job ahead of you and I apologize for adding to your burden.

For the last 36 years I have been part of a dedicated taxi force at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport along with 270 drivers. Since August 11th we have been locked out of our jobs solely because we refused the demand of our company of a monthly fee increase from $345 to $1350. We made a counter offer of up to $690 in the third year of a three year contract, but we were refused. Mr. Trudeau , since that time we have been demonstrating to get our jobs back. For the last three months we been parking along the airport parkway to illustrate our plight.

Over the years the airport taxi fleet has been acknowledged to be the best run taxi force in Ottawa and now we find our selves literally left out on the cold. We have families who are suffering because of our predicament.

Mr. Trudeau I hope you and Mr. Marc Garneau, your transport minister, can find some way to help us by bringing our situation to a fair and just resolution. I along with almost all of my coworkers are loyal liberal supporters and will be grateful for any assistance you can give us.

Yours truly,

Michael Cutler

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