Brothers, Sisters, Friends, and Family

We are here today to demand the respect that we deserve and to tell the government that we have the right to return to our workplace! They need to stand up with us to tell Coventry Connections and the Airport Authority to bargain in good faith and return to the negotiating table to put an end to the suffering of our families.

The financial hardship we endured during this lockout is significant.  Our lifelong investments and livelihood has been taken away.

However, this has not undermined our unity and our determination to fight the greediness of Coventry Connections and the Airport Authority to get our jobs back and expose their secret deal.

Our children deserve this sacrifice and we will continue to fight this unjust cash grab until we go back to our workplace that we have proudly served for over 4 decades.

I am calling on the City of Ottawa who have a responsibility towards the drivers, and this community to contribute to a solution and help the families that have been suffering for over two long months.

How can they stay silent and allow hard working Ottawa residents and Canadian citizens to be left on the street for over two months?

What is the point of the taxi review if Coventry Connections can dictate how and where drivers can work?

Why is exclusivity taken away from us while Blueline holds the exclusive rights at major hotels, the train station and the bus station.

Where is the equality that Canada stands for?

Why is Coventry Connections allowed force a lockout on us and refuse to negotiate?

On behalf of our families, I am asking city councilors and Mayor Jim Watson to show leadership and help solve this dispute.

We are asking Kevin Flynn, the minister of labour to get involved and send this case to arbitration because Coventry Connections and the Airport Authority refuse to negotiate in good faith.

We are asking Lisa Raitt, the minister of transport to get involved and stop the Airport Authority from destroying the lives of all these families that have worked so hard for many years to provide top quality service for airport clients.

I am asking our current and future government to solve this dispute and end the suffering of our families in the nation’s Capital.



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