This is a letter on the taxi question from a Bulldog reader:


The drivers were offered a 100 per cent fee increase at the meeting the mayor brokered many weeks ago, and the airport/Coventry refused to accept any compromise to their unilateral action.
The city is effectively telling the drivers it has zero concern for their livelihood while being locked out, and will not make any attempt to help arrive at a compromise that works … I’m not sure city officials appreciate what it’s like to go without income for 40 or more days for being locked out of work. The only alternative is accepting a $1,300-a-month pay cut.
That shouldn’t be forced on anyone, least of all by a non-profit airport authority, and that shouldn’t be supported by any public official. One way or another, the action will push taxi drivers into poverty, either from a massive pay cut or just not letting them work.
And please don’t compare Ottawa’s fees to Edmonton and Calgary. That’s just dishonest when you compare the distance between our airport and downtown to those other cities.  It’s one thing to increase fees, but this is just an abhorrent way to conduct business.
 And let’s stop using the few angry drivers who lash out to punish all of the other drivers who work long hours to provide for families. This injunction passed. It is a sad day in Ottawa.
I am not a taxi driver or affiliated with taxis other than I rely on them as someone without a car.
Keyvan Abedi

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