Part 1: Signing the airport contract. (Completed)

  1. Coventry Connections signed a long-term contract with the new Airport Authority CEO after being rejected by the previous Airport Authority CEO on numerous occasions.
  2. Coventry Connections offered the Airport Authority big $$ to accept Coventry Connections long term deal and not to be involved in any labour dispute/lockout issues.
  3. Coventry Connections executives set into motion their dream plan to replace the 150 airport taxis with their own 160 plates.


Part 2: Coventry Connection drives negotiations with the Airport Fleet to lockout. (Completed)

  1. Coventry Connections bargained in a bad faith and intentionally drove negotiations with the Airport Fleet into a lockout in order to have an open stand option in-effect, the open stand is in fact one company exclusive which is not a real open stand.
  2. The Airport Authority applied for a court order to minimize the Airport Fleet picketers. This opened the door to scabs and removes the Airport Fleet off the airport property including the taxi holding area.
  3. Influencing some Coventry Connections fleet drivers and union members to encourage other taxi drivers to pick up customers from the airport.


Part 3: Blueline signs its collective agreement. (Completed)

  1. Influencing some Blueline union members and drivers to accept the new one year collective agreement so that they don’t go on strike. Therefore, helping Coventry Connections at the airport.
    1. Why choose Blueline and not Capital taxis? Because:
  • Blueline has a larger fleet that will fill the airport stand and continue to service downtown.
  • Coventry Connections intention to sign one year contract with Blueline Fleet.
  • Coventry Connections does not have plates in the Blueline fleet for future reasons explained below.
  1. By encouraging Blueline drivers to pick up from the airport, Coventry Connections gives them $100 off each car’s stand rent and no charge on airport pickups until September 1, 2015.
  2. Coventry Connections will continue to refuse any offer from the Airport Fleet and sabotage any negotiations in order to continue the lockout. Coventry Connections doesn’t want to have the airport stand included in any collective agreement with any fleet in the near future. They are hoping to continue to use individual contracts with individual taxis going forward.
  3. The Airport Authority and Coventry Connections want to create a turf war among drivers to extend the lockout with the Airport Fleet as long as possible.

Part 4: Coventry Connections creates Central Taxi Fleet. (In Progress)

  1. Coventry Connections believe that the airport taxis will give up and register individually with them.
  2. Coventry Connections will create a new taxi fleet called Central Taxi and add any airport taxi plate owner who signs the individual contract.
  3. Coventry Connections will eventually get rid of the Airport Fleet either by going to the new Central Taxi fleet or by creating their own fleet and will not be part of Coventry Connections fleets. (Where they are not allowed to pick up from the airport. Ex. WestWay taxi.)
  4. Coventry Connections will end up renewing the collective agreement with Capital Taxi.
  5. Within the next 10 months, Coventry Connections will begin to give a hard time to any taxi driver at the airport for any possible reason so that they can disable the transponder and prevent them from airport pickups. They will also start issuing trespassing tickets to create a case in the future to change the strategy at the airport stand.

Part 5: Coventry Connection drives negotiations with Blueline fleet to lockout. (Upcoming)

  1. Within the next 10 months when Blueline’s collective agreement is due, Coventry Connections will also use the bad faith bargaining tactic in the same way that they did with the Airport Fleet in order to drive the negotiations to a lockout/strike.
  2. As soon as Blueline’s lockout is in effect, Coventry Connections will disable all Blueline airport transponders and prevent Blueline’s access to airport pickups.
  3. Coventry Connections will continue to service the airport using Capital Taxis and Central Taxis.

Part 6: Coventry Connections creates its exclusive airport taxi fleet using their plates. (Upcoming)

  1. While the Blueline Fleet is on lockout, Coventry Connections will change their strategy at the airport from open stand to exclusive fleet as per:
  • The one-year testing phase with the open-stand model.
  • The number of issues and trespassing tickets to drivers who are not respecting the airport stand policy.
  • The conflict of the fleets collective agreements where the airport can’t afford to deal with any future lock out disputes and strikes.
  • No dedicated taxis that service only the airport.
  • Shortages of taxis due to above 4 reasons.
  1. Coventry Connections will move between 160 to 200 taxis from Capital Fleet and Central Fleet to a new airport fleet with new airport roof signs. (Coventry Connections executive will FIRST include and move their own 160 plates to a new airport fleet)
  2. The new airport fleet will continue to service the airport for the remaining portion of the 10-year contract with no strike or lockout option.

Part 7: Coventry Connection introduces sedan limo to Airport Fleet. (Upcoming)

  1. Coventry Connections will introduce a sedan limo fleet at the airport with at least 10 cars. (Marc Andre Way owns a sedan limo business)
  2. Coventry Connections executives will become very happy with the new airport taxi fleet that includes their 160 Plates.

Part 8: All fleets share city fares with regulated Uber. (Upcoming)

  1. Coventry Connections introduces $ charge per fare on Train Station, Bus Station, and Major Hotels.
  2. Blueline, Capital, Central, and Westway taxis will all share downtown pickups with the newly regulated Uber.

Top 10 plate owners as per the City of Ottawa:

  1. Paul Thivierge/Marc Andre Way: 87 Plates
  2. Conventry Connections: 64 Plates
  3. Peter Szirtes: 44 Plates
  4. Julian Szirtes: 26 Plates
  5. Agnes Serman: 25 Plates
  6. Gustav Nador: 21 Plates
  7. Fathi Taxi Limited: 18 Plates
  8. Roger Viau: 12 Plates
  9. Capital Taxi:  9 Plates
  10. 2422989 On Inc. (Kramer family):  8 Plates

New Airport Fleet: 87 + 64 + 9 = 160 Plates. (Owned by Coventry Connections Executives)


All city fleets must be united against Coventry Connections’ evil plan. Picket lines must be respected and airport pickups must cease immediately. The future of the taxi industry is at stake if all fleets don’t unite, because what happened to the Airport Fleet will be happening to all other Fleets soon enough.






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